"I understand so much more about the horrendous journey both you & your family have endured over the years & I am in awe of how you have had the strength & courage to face things straight on. The atmosphere in that room was just incredible & in the centre of it all was you Alice, educating people across a wide spectrum of ages & backgrounds & enlightening them about the grossly misunderstood illness of anorexia nervosa."

"A masterpiece"

Paul Bellany,
Author & Director of Writer's Room

"As a mum of a young girl who is susceptible to mental health problems due to every day challenges with other conditions, I'm so grateful to you for bravely sharing your story. You are a fantastic role model and inspiration for my daughter and other young people. Last night sparked some great conversation for us afterwards."

"The thing I found most powerful was the young writers and actors who had obviously been so inspired by your story. I think the fact you are keen to put yourself out there can empower others and help to reduce the negative stigma surrounding many aspects of mental health."

Craig McColl, 
Service Development Manager of Mind in West Essex.

"I was mightily impressed by your play and the courage you showed in exposing the details of your battle.
I left your book launch full of admiration."

"A beautifully raw and honest account of the true experiences of living with an eating disorder and mental health difficulties. While recovering from anorexia, Alice is still uncompromisingly creative and herself."

"...unbelievable depth"

"The book honestly made me feel more hopeful for my own recovery from mental illness."

"I think you've embraced the 'do something that scares you' ethos with both hands, both feet, both shoulder blades and absolutely every part of your being and I'm a little bit jealous of how brave you are with just grabbing it all, turning your very personal story into a book of poems, going on tour with that, standing on stage and telling people your story, but let's not get away from the fact that this is a celebration of you winning and continuing to win."

Rob Jelly,
Presenter on BBC Essex

"Very inspirational poetry from an extremely talented young lady. Must read!!"

"You had such a beautiful way with words. I'm so pleased our sessions felt encouraging and that you have continued to express yourself through words and creativity. I have no doubt others will benefit from reading your work too."

Pippa Richardson,
Somatic Therapist and Educator

"Once I started reading I just had to keep going; each poem giving me a real insight into the complexity of anorexia. Alice’s talent just shines through her words. Her decision to share her poems is just wonderful. This little book just speaks volumes and I believe will be such an inspiration to all who read it."

"I've just read your searingly honest, heartbreaking, but ultimately very hopeful book from beginning to end. I am full of admiration, you are incredibly talented. I shall read it again many times, as it is full of truth that is not possible to take in at once. Amazing."

"Last night's launch was amazing, we have just been reading some of your poems over dinner. So impressed and privileged to have been a small part of your journey."

"It's taken a huge amount of courage for Alice to do this and we have nothing but admiration for these astonishing pieces of literature" 

Director's of Writer's Room, Creative Walden

"A moving and thoughtful way to encourage discussion and bringing greater awareness and understanding to those who have not experienced or may not understand."

Kemi Badenoch,

"Heartfelt, insightful and stunningly written"

"Such a huge accomplishment, you are so very talented. Incredibly proud of you Alice."

"A beautifully written book by a beautiful young woman. The author writes about the intense feelings and emotions that come with battling mental illness. I would recommend it to anyone out there who wants to know they are never alone. The poems hit me hard emotionally but with every word written it made me realise there is help out there and there are always better days ahead."

"Pure genius. So mature and eloquent."

Mark Newey,
Founder of Headucate.me &

"This is such an amazing and emotional book written about the personal struggles of the author fighting through mental illness and an eating disorder. It illustrates the feelings of what she is going through and allows the reader to understand and relate without ever having experienced it themselves yet each poem has its own powerful story and meaning and you cannot help but feel so proud of everything she has achieved since being on the road to recovery."

"What an inspiring night from a brave young lady with immense talent nurtured by selfless people who really know what talent is and what to do to make it reach it's potential. I am honoured to be held in such high esteem in the right circles."

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