"Our Vision is for West Essex to be a place where people talk openly and positively about mental health, and where everyone gets the support and respect needed to live well".

'Anxiety is a natural, normal response to a situation in which we feel threatened. If you feel it is having an impact on you day to day our Stress and Anxiety Groups may benefit you. It is important to note that this is not group therapy rather peer to peer support that can be therapeutic in nature.'


with any group-related queries.

'Write, Revive and Rebuild: Creative Writing for Wellbeing is a Free six week online programme that guides participants through a variety of exercises using a range of writing techniques to explore the therapeutic uses and benefits of creative writing.

This programme is suitable for all levels where the aim is to engage in the process of imaginative writing to help broaden your personal boundaries of expression and ultimately improve wellbeing.'

How to Access Support:
Call 111, select option 2

'Your needs will be assessed and it could be that you are referred to the Sanctuary. You details will be forwarded to the sanctuary team and they will make contact with you as soon as possible. You will be provided with an empathic ear for you to talk freely.

You will be provided with information around coping strategies and how to access the help you need.'

Let's Talk Essex

A movement to fight stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness. 

I am very proud to represent Mind in West Essex as an Ambassador for their ‘Let’s Talk Essex’ campaign; although mental health is being spoken about more across our nation, it is movements such as these that encourage open conversations around the many aspects of mental health that remain incredibly stigmatised. I am personally in recovery from an eating disorder and aim to use my experience and knowledge to spread a message of both awareness and hope to a huge spectrum of people across West Essex, both to those that suffer themselves or have loved ones that do, and to those that have no prior understanding of what it means to live with and recover from eating disorder illnesses.

Address: Mind in West Essex
45 Stortford Road
Great Dunmow

Phone: 01371 876 641

E-mail: admin@mindinwestessex.org.uk

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