Let's Talk Essex


"I am very proud to represent Mind in West Essex as an Ambassador for their ‘Let’s Talk Essex’ campaign; although mental health is being spoken about more across our nation, it is movements such as these that encourage open conversations around the many aspects of mental health that remain incredibly stigmatised. I am personally in recovery from an eating disorder and aim to use my experience and knowledge to spread a message of both awareness and hope to a huge spectrum of people across West Essex, both to those that suffer themselves or have loved ones that do, and to those that have no prior understanding of what it means to live with and recover from eating disorder illnesses."

EDIFY Youth Advisor

The EDIFY project aims to transform the way in which eating disorders are prevented, identified and treated. We will spearhead the development of inclusive, evidence-based ED policy and practice, keeping young people and their individual experiences at the heart of the project.


"As a Youth Advisor for work stream 3 of the EDIFY project we are focussing on using remote measurement technology to explore predictors of chronicity or recovery in those experiencing eating disorders for the first time. I feel very grateful to be working alongside BEAT as an EDIFY youth advisor and hope that positive changes in the understanding and treatment of eating disorders occur as a result of the project."




Song lyrics written by Paul Bellany from Creative Walden, using words taken from my poem 'I am the flame', and sung by singer-songwriter Ellie Grace. 

'I am the red, red rose that grew from the rain, I am the heart that beats louder than the pain, I am the meaning in these words that gently flow, I am the glint of sun on the frostbitten snow. I am the birdsong resounding in the trees, I am the flaming shield of life's adversaries.

I am the hope that breaks the crisp of every dawn, I am the flame that burns bright through the storm, the fire that I hold can't be extinguished by your doubt, because I am the flame that will never burn out.

I might wear the bruise that lingers day to day, when darkness comes I'm burning bright I'm standing in its way. I am the flame that burns despair into ash, I am the spark of light when ice and fire clash...'

I am the flame. 

St. Mary's Church Recital
'Wednesday Magic'


"Here come the young creatives, entering this Writers Room, where battles are conquered and wildflowers bloom..."

Poetry races at Writers Room

September 2022

One of our younger writers challenging me to a poetry duel!

'the girl who decided to go on tour with Mind in West Essex'


The first of the book tour events, in Dunmow.

Radio BBC Essex


"This is a celebration of you winning, and continuing to win. Everyday there's a battle but you're winning and this is you showing other people that they can win as well. I think this is just amazing and I'm so glad to be able to talk about it on the show tonight."

Dunmow Broadcast


"I hope to one day be living in a world where there is no longer a need to educate about mental health, but until then I shall do what I can to be part of the change."

Read the full article here.

Read an article I wrote for Orri, a specialist eating disorder clinic.


"I am now living the very future that I didn't know existed"

'Dreams do come true'


The poem I wrote in the morning after the February half term Book Launch.

Book Launch and celebratory event titled 'it's just a bit of pasta, darling'


Watch the speeches and poetry recitals from the event here.

A message from Paul Bellany, director of Writer's Room


"...I’m so proud of Alice. Her struggle against anorexia is immense and although it’s something you can’t just switch off, it is clear that she is heading in the right direction."

Mart's Arts Photography


"What a inspiring night from a brave young lady with immense talent, nurtured by selfless people who really know what talent is and what to do to make it reach it's potential. I am honoured to be held in such high esteem in the right circles."

Walden Local


"Over 100 attendees listened to the audio play of Alice's journey through anorexia which started in the playground of her local junior school when she was just eight years old."

Sponsored by
Mind in West Essex


"The thing I found most powerful was the young writers and actors who had obviously been so inspired by your story. I think the fact you are keen to put yourself out there can empower others and help to reduce the negative stigma surrounding many aspects of mental health."

Craig McColl,
Service Development Manager of Mind in West Essex and Let's Talk Essex Lead.

Saffron Walden Reporter


"I write to release the thoughts and feelings I am bottling up. When I'm feeling raw with emotion, I spill them into poems and the thing that was two minutes ago so overwhelming suddenly becomes tolerable."

'12 months of recovery' tees


"To anyone out there who is struggling, it’s never too late to reach out and turn your life around. It is the hardest thing you will ever do, but also the most rewarding. I am proof of that."

Celebrating 5 years of Creative Walden


'An audioplay written by Writer's Room regular Alice Bromell was the subject of an interview for BBC Radio Essex last Tuesday when the power of creative writing to help battle eating disorders and confidence issues in young people were discussed.'

Stagecoach Performing Arts Saffron Walden


"We are delighted to be partnering with Creative Walden for a brilliant new radio play to raise awareness of mental health and eating disorders. We had our first rehearsal last night and our students did us proud! This is going to be a great project."

Walden Local: Creative Walden hosts 'most important project'


"While being exceptionally creative what is truly remarkable about Alice's writing is just how candid and brutally honest she is about the eating disorders that have plagued her young life."

Saffron Screen Cinema

November 2018

As featured in the newspapers Saffron Walden Reporter and Walden Local:

"Saffron Screen was packed as Writer's Room contributed poems that were screened prior to the film 'Zombie Occupation' ,including the incredibly powerful 'Anorexia' written by
Alice Bromell, 17"

My debut poetry book

'the girl who decided to go for it' is a collection of poetry based on my experience of living with and overcoming the struggles of having an eating disorder. The closing piece of the book is the written version of an audio play, which was supported by Uttlesford Youth Initiative Working Group.

E-mail: alice@thebromells.com